Welcome to the Virtual Institute for Reference Materials (VIRM)

The central mission of this ‘Virtual Institute’ is to be a Knowledge Network and a facility to encourage the interaction between all stakeholders in the field of Reference Materials (Certified Reference Materials, Quality Control Materials) for analysis. Find a Reference Material by using the extensive searchable data base on RMs.

VIRM makes a distinction between registered ‘Users’ (limited access) and ‘Subscribers’ (full access). Corporate subscriptions are possible. Follow this Link for more details, or see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. To enjoy full use of this site we require that you are registered as Subscriber and have paid the fee. Once payment has been received your status will be set to full access.
RM Producers and Users are invited to enter information on the site (new RMs, products, ..).

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The foundation and initial development of the Virtual Institute was financially supported by the European Community. VIRM is operated by Quality Consult srl, based in Rome (Italy).

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