Example of a search for reference materials

In the following example we mimic the search for a reference material, using as analyte the element ‘ Europium’, and as matrix ‘mussel’.

You may select additional criteria such as ‘Type’ (CRM, QCM or Matrix), ‘Discipline’ (such as Environment, Clinical, etc.) or ‘Generic term’ (such as Plant material, Beverages, etc.).
After ‘Search’ you find the reference materials that match the criteria:

In this example two RMs were found, from two different suppliers (IRMM and NIST). Immediately the concentration is given, and whether it is certified or non-certified.
Clicking the link ‘More details’ leads to a screen with additional information:

This additional information may give additional info on the matrix/material, its availability and a link to the Producer of the material for further detail on where to purchase, the certificate, etc. Obviously the latter information is under supervision of the producer.
The link ‘Full overview’ will provide all analytes in the given reference material:

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