Example of a Template for reference materials upload

Below is depicted an example of the uploading information as contained in the MS-Excel workbook for data entry. The Template works as any Excel worksheet, including copy-paste of information.

Information required include: a unique Reference Material (product) code, whether it is a CRM, QCM or matrix (left-over material from PTs), Discipline (e.g. Environment, Clinical, etc.), Analyte/property name (you may enter 1 or 2 options, e.g. Cd and Cadmium), Matrix/material name (again 1 or 2 options), then the Certified value or the Non-certified value (e.g. indicative value), and the Unit (in which the (non)-certified values are expressed). Finally the www link where the producer provides more information.

It is important that the rows (records) are unique with respect to a combination of RM code and Analyte/property name1. In support of easy handling, a test function has been included (“check”) whether this is true or not.

New producers are advised to test the data entry and uploading procedure with a limited number of RMs. After approval of the Hlep Desk the remaining materials can be entered.

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