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THE meeting place . . .
for all Reference Material users and producers
Who we are
Aim of the Virtual Institute for Reference Materials (VIRM) is to offer THE meeting place for the Reference Material community. It actively involves consortium of experts from all over Europe, covering R&D organisations, governmental and private laboratories, RM producers and industry.
The aim is to facilitate dissemination of information, advice, know-how and help on Reference Materials and related fields. The innovative character of VIRM consists in its virtual structure, combining a minimal logistic infrastructure with the maximal effectiveness of an European-wide ICT network.
The objective of VIRM is to improve the Quality Control of products and processes by encouraging, catalysing and facilitating the increased use of Reference Materials and other quality tools (calibration, proficiency testing and accreditation) especially in the environmental, food, industrial products, pharmaceutical and medical fields. The range of services offered will develop in line with income achieved from subscriber fees.
The Helpdesk is based in Italy (QualityConsult, Rome).
Who for?
VIRM has relevance for anyone who has to maintain a high level quality of work. Correct measurements are essential to maintain and control quality of products and processes in research, manufacturing and trade. They assure conformation to national regulations, and thus support industry in developing a sustainable economic growth.
What we offer
VIRM offers through its website, a broad range of useful tools in the field of Reference Materials and Quality Control. The website of the Virtual Institute is the key link between the VIRM members. It offers extensive search facilities (people, projects, RMs etc) and is the central place dissemination of information ( Members and Subscribers have unlimited access to the key features, with regular newsletters and information for both, users and producers of RM’s. These include:
•         searchable database (e.g. ‘Find a RM’, including advanced search options)
•         library of (downloadable) position papers, guidelines related to RMs, QA, QC, routine analysis etc.
•         network links to related projects and complementary data bases
•         events (conferences, workshops, training)
•         producers of RM’s
•         end-user help and advice
•         glossary
•         open frontiers, with National Contact Points to overcome language barriers
•         links to all stakeholders of the RM community
•         message board; make your RM issues visible
•         electronic Newsletter
•         consulting services, tailor made expert advice on complex issues
•         find a specialist service
More features and details:
VIRM Helpdesk
This is the only physical entity of the Virtual Institute. It acts as Technical Helpdesk, Expert Knowledge Switchboard and Secretariat. The staff takes care of the continuous updating of the website, but they are also available to answer your questions. They forward your queries to the specialist member of the VIRM (
National Contact Points
NCP’s are established in all European countries. They will disseminate information, are ready for your questions and speak your language.
Get updated via e-mail with the latest information, news, conferences, new RMs, etc. from the Reference Material community.
The VIRM links all stakeholders of the RM community. It will provide links to RM producers and users, to international organisations to You.
Subscription allows you access to all VIRM services, newsletter subscription, use of databases, download facilities, etc. An annual fee of 150 € will be charged, for applicable discounts see our website. You can apply directly, on-line, by filling in the registration form at our website
Join us and add value to your business.
Contact us
The VIRM national contact point for Ireland:
Dr. Bridin BRADY
State Laboratory
Abbotstown, Dublin 15
Phone:          +353-1.802 58 00
Fax:              +353-1.821 77 62
Join our website at:
For any question or comments contact our international helpdesk at:

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