Subscription fee rates for VIRM

Registration Form 2015 VIRM

To become a Subscriber you have to pay an annual subscription fee.

The following rates apply:

1. Personal Subscription Each registered Subscriber pays an annual fee of EUR 150 + VAT *). For new subscribers subscription starts at the date of registration. For those that register later than 1st July a discount rate applies for that year (EUR 100 + VAT *)).
Subscription is automatically renewed in January of the following year.
2. Corporate Subscriptions: We offer Institutions/Organisations with multi-subscribers Corporate annual Subscriptions at EUR 1,200 + VAT *)). For those that register later than 1st July a discount rate applies for that year (EUR 800 + VAT *)).
Please enquire by sending a message to VIRM.

*) Value added tax: we have to charge 20% VAT if you are located in Italy, or if you are in the European Community but are not registered for VAT (EC Directive 2002/38/EC). VAT is not chargeable on subscriptions outside the European Community. If you are in the European Community, and registered for VAT we may already have your VAT number, else please send us your VAT registration number. When you are eligible for VAT, and you have sent us your VAT number you are entitled to subtract the amount of VAT for payment.

A ‘Request for Payment’ is generated automatically by the VIRM website when registering, taking discount rates into account, when applicable.
Payment is due within 30 days after subscription, and shall be in EUR (Euro). Payment can be made either on-line on the ‘Request for Payment’ by credit card (secure Pay-Pal payment) or by bank transfer (see ‘Request for Payment’ for details).
Due to high (banking) costs other methods of payment can not be accepted.

After payment has been received, an invoice will be sent to the invoice address indicated by the Subscriber when registering.

Each year, in January, a new ‘Request for Payment’ will be sent for the new subscription year.

Financial Details

Account holder: Quality Consult srl
Account address: Via Giovanni Bettolo 4, 00195 Rome – Italy
Bank address: Corso di Porta Romana, 13/15 20122, Milano
IBAN: IT88Z 03589 01600 01057 02405 33

Quality Consult srl VAT nr: IT 06927791001

Quality Consult R.E.A. – C.C.I.A.A. 1245207

Dr. Angelo Bortoli, Quality Consult Director


Subscriptions are renewed automatically. Cancellations must be received at the Secretariat at the latest by 1st December of the running subscription year to take effect for the following subscription year (use this Form, and provide all relevant details).

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