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Registration Form 2015 VIRM

VIRM offers a broad range of useful tools in the field of Reference Materials and Quality Control. Subscribers have unlimited access to the VIRM website and services:

1) The unlimited surfing on the website( where you can find:

(Certified) Reference Materials in the database on-line. The on-line Reference Materials database contains over 4,400 (C)RMs with around 28,000 records, and is growing daily;
to search projects, persons, library, etc related with Reference Materials and related fields;

A DATABASE where is possible to find:
links to producers of RMs and PT providers;
papers and guidelines related to Reference Materials, QA/QC, routine analysis etc., many in pdf, and in general e in generale QA/QC topics;

-update with the announce of events (training, conferences, workshops) related with Reference Materials and related fields;

2) A SCIENTIFIC HELPDESK service. This is the only physical entity of the Virtual Institute. The staff takes care of maintenance and continuous updating of the website. They are also available for questions on technical aspects. This service is available in Italian, English and Spanish.

Visit the site, register your laboratory and try the service. After the registration, you can contact the Helpdesk for information and support on Reference Materials (reserach, use, preparation of, etc…).

Registration steps:

1 - Download and fill the VIRM Registration Form
2 – Send the VIRM Registration Form filled with your data to our fax number +390697840718 or to our e-mail address (this e-mail address is protected by the spam bot. Enable Javascript to display it. )
3 – Quality Consult send you back, via e-mail, the VIRM Registration Form signed and stamped as confirmation of your registration.

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